What Is The 35K Club?

The 35K Club are people who subscribed to my mailing list and confirmed their email address to receive information I offer.  These folks have all ordered my personal advertising service which guarantees a minimum of 35,000 visitors to their offers.  This is a hand on service and there are no robots used or fake traffic.

You simply order and supply the plain link to your splash or lead capture page along with the link to your 468x60 banner image for your offer, and I do the rest myself.  I write the headline(s), create the ad, and then enter this information into over 100 traffic sources to drive traffic to your offer as quickly as possible, from all over the web.

You will get a special link where you can watch the traffic flow in real time, anytime you wish, day or night.  It is recommended that you monitor your autoresponder list, your email inbox, and your programs back office for signs of life.  Signs of life like new leads on your list, new referral notifications,  commission notifications, perhaps even sale notifications.  While no one can guarantee results, I do guarantee you will get a minimum of 35,000 visitors who will see your offer.  If your offer is strong, you will get great results, if not, your results can vary a lot.  Always lead with your strongest best offer to generate maximum results from each ad campaign you run.

Below are current advertisers of the 35K club and their current offers.  This is included with each 35K traffic order to give your offer exposure from search engines like Google.  Please take time to visit their offers, you may find something you like!

Joe Sansoucie - 1.714.423.4256 California - U.S.A.

The 35K Club Advertisers Offers.

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