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PostHeaderIcon Your Ad On 550,000+ Websites Monthly

To build passive cash flow you really need to have your offer exposed and getting your ad on 550,000+ websites monthly can really be an asset to any marketer of any level of experience.

The reason is that using a classified ad submission service staffed by experienced Internet marketers means you can get the traffic however you don't have to actually do any work! You can simply order it and the staff of classified ad marketers will take your offer and place it on those sites on your behalf. It's like having your own marketing team which works out well if you're only working the web on a part time basis! Of course for the more experienced marketer this is really a service you can use to your advantage and free up your time for the blogging you never get too lol.

Admittedly submitting classified ads is old school marketing which believe it or not still works very well. The general problem is that it can be very time consuming submitting ads every month. Far too much work for the average person just starting out on the web in their first income opportunity because they lack the needed skill sets to perform the job effectively. No problem when you simply use the service, it's a good business choice because you get the results without the knowledge, skills, hard work, and of course the years of trial and error figuring out how to do it correctly.

The problem has been have solved for you and I with this new classified ads submission service and it's very affordable considering the amount of labor involved in the process and management of the work. Considering your traffic will be coming from so many places, if your traffic and sales funnel are tuned up and ready for action, you may see a very good return on the ad run.

Your offer will be seen by the following types of sites which is a very good blend instead of getting it from just one site like a lot of advertising deals offer. Getting traffic just from one site does not offer you the advertiser the coverage needed for your offer to generate conversion. Marketing is a numbers game, let's take a look at these numbers.

550+ Classified ad sites
85 + Search Engines
250+ Web Directories
50+ Message boards and Forums
500,000+ Networked Sites
Manual Submission To Craigslist

That last item is the golden nugget of the whole package as using Craigslist can be finicky and fussy when it comes to your ad design, offer, and placement. It is an excellent source of traffic of course because you can target any city or state you wish, Craigslist gets millions of visitors a day!

Anytime you as a marketer can gain market share, market penetration, and market saturation, you will achieve
market domination. In other words: Massive Action Equals Massive Results. If you're not getting the traffic how can you build your list, get sign ups, and make sales? The truth? You can't. This is the one absolute item that stops most new marketers sometimes for years from earning any real money on the web no matter what they try to promote.

Always use traffic to build your list first before you do it for anyone else.

On that bombshell, I have decided that Instead of just sending you off to some website, I have a free download you may download free called, 12 Ways To Help You Get More Sales From Classified Ads. I read it and really loved the tips which not only can be used on classified sites, you can use it on safelist subject lines, solo headline, traffic links on your website or blog and much more.

If you're considering tackling the submissions yourself, I highly recommend you read this ebook first. It's in PDF format and will open your eyes to the tactics you will need to employ to get results from this type of traffic generation on the web.

Follow this link to grab your copy now and thanks for reading this post, I appreciate the fact you took a few minutes out to do it. Thank you!

PostHeaderIcon How To Build Passive Cash Flow With Text Ad Exchanges

Would You Like To Learn How To Make At Least $500 Per Month?

You've heard it before... 97% of the people marketing anything online are failing to turn a profit of any kind! This is easily corrected using just a few basic online business tools and text ad exchange marketing.  It is very possible to make at least $500 dollars per month on the web once you learn how easy you can do it.  It's not as hard as the so called "guru's" make it out to be.

I can show you how to do it now!

You can get my free report on the exact tools you need, their cost per month (under $30 per month), and the promo codes to hundreds of text ad exchanges where combined you will be able to send out over 750 solo ads and get over 750,000 banner ad impressions, all for free!

How To Monetize Text Ad Exchanges.

Follow these steps to build passive cash flow using text ad exchanges.  This is done by first building your list using the traffic from these exchanges.  There are hundreds of these sites and if used correctly can mean the difference between being stuck in the 97% crowd and making money like the 3% crowd.  How to build passive cash will become clear to you in my free report which will also give you access to the exclusive promo codes on over 100 text ad exchanges.  Combined with my free report you will discover how to turn this traffic into prospects on your list.  The money is in the list as they say and if you build your list, you are on your way to making a lot more than just $500.00 per month in passive, positive cash flow.

Free Gift For Subscribers!

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