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PostHeaderIcon Proftable Downline Building Tactic #23

Profitable Dwnline Building Tactic 23One of the most underused profitable downline building tactic today is the signature file.

In Gmail and many other Email services as well as most email client software running on computers, there is always a way to automatically add your signature file to each email you send, use in responding to messages sent to you.

Using the signature file to automate the process of promoting your business is a powerful method that once you set it up, you can forget about it while it continues to work reliably every day for you.

To harness this leverage, simply create a short text ad and the link to your programs page and save it in your signature file area of the setup area of your email program.  Save it and you are in business, it's that easy for anyone to take advantage of this tactic.

One example of this tactic is below so you can see how it may look when someone gets a message from you so you can craft one for your own business today.

Joe Sansoucie

Grow A Massive Downline In 25 Of Your Best Paying Programs Today!

In text only mode it would look like this to the recipient of your message.

Joe Sansoucie

Grow A Massive Downline In 25 Of
Your Best Paying Programs Today!

As you can see it is a professional use of your signature file to automate the promotion
of your primary business, or your programs page of your downline builder, even
special offers or sales!  It's the perfect place to showcase you business.

Stay tuned for more profitable downline building tactics from Build Passive Cash Flow.

PostHeaderIcon Profitable Downline Building Tactic #25

Join Grow A Massive Downline Today

As an affiliate marketer you are sometimes faced with memberships to many sites that offer you a downline builder. In many cases these are free to join and all the programs are free to join as well. Some of these builders offer an upgrade which allows you to add a few of your own programs, but you find out that you are sharing space with your sponsor on the programs page.

To truly build a profitable downline we must use tactic #25, qualifying the prospect or new referral. There are very few downline systems that offer this type of qualification and all of them include the incentive that promoters will earn commission from each one. This can lead to people attempting to "game" the system by getting key people to join for the sole purpose of earning the commission only.

Grow A Massive Downline employs a non-commissioned method of qualifying prospects who wish to earn from twenty-five of their best paying affiliate programs, products, and services. At Grow A Massive Downline, you may join for free however your membership will expire in ten short days. This serves to dismiss those who would remain free in all your programs from the Grow A Massive Downline system.

Those who do pay the one time fee of only $10.00 are now qualified and proven buyers who have the opportunity to join in your 25 best paying programs increasing your income potential with each one who qualifies themselves.

The ten dollars is used to promote and maintain the sites hosting only. It is simply the qualifier that ensures you get qualified referrals! Get your lifetime account now for only $10.00.

Tip:  How To Choose Your Top 25 Programs To Profit From.

Simply put be sure that you are positioned to earn the maximum commissions each of the 25 programs you choose to promote.

You are encouraged to join under your sponsor at Grow A Massive Downline in one or several of their chosen top paying 25 programs however it is not required.  Keep in mind that you will want your referrals to join your top 25 earners as well so if a program fits your portfolio of resources, then by all means join and upgrade to earn the maximum commissions.

Stay tuned for more ways to build passive cash flow from profitable downline building tactics.

PostHeaderIcon Free Positive Cash Flow System

Full Review

Ebates Offers Free Positive Cash Flow System.

SavingsWorldWide Ebates Rebates, Cash Back, Discount Coupons, Online Coupon Although five dollars may not seem like a lot of money, Ebates is probably one of the understated money makers online today. Free to join, you confirm your email address, login and shop. Once you make your first purchase you are now qualified and you don't just earn $5.00, but you get a bonus $5.00 as well, plus the cash back from your purchase. You will save up to 25% on everything you purchase through your members area. All your cash back earned during each quarter is sent to you in a check. This is why Ebates qualifies as a free positive cash flow system. The savings in gasoline used everytime you run to the store to buy something is worth the price to join. FREE! Join today, refer your friends, family members and your network of business associates and watch your money grow five dollars at a time. Plus, your cash back checks of course.

Rating (out of 10)

The Good

Free to join. You get $5.00 when you join. Shop and save at 900 online stores. Get $5.00 for each referral. Paper checks sent to your home. Deposit real money in your bank. All the links work making shopping easy. Buy whatever you want no restrictions. Cash back on everything you buy.

The Bad

Have not found anything I didn't like. Could use more up to date affiliate tools.

Ease of Use

All the links worked making it a great shopping experience. My wife spent over two hours shopping in all the stores Ebates offers it's members. It's free to join and you can refer your friends and make $5.00. They make $5.00 too so it's a win win program.


With other mall type programs the links never seem to work or only work for some of shops online. With Ebates, every link worked and we enjoyed the shopping and the savings. We received our cash back in out account in less than 24 hours. Can't wait to get my real paper check in the mail and deposit it in the bank.

User Interface

Many times malls are hard to use but in the case of Ebates they got it right the first time. Simply login, pick the store you want to visit, click the link and you're on your way to the store. While the page loads, Ebates lets you know how much you'll be saving on any of the purchases you wish to make at the store. You can shop in 900 stores from the comfort of your own home making this programs interface a lot easier than finding parking spots, dealing with unhappy employee's and traffic. It saves you up to 25% on everything you wish to purchase and the cash back is added to your account making Ebates a free positive cash flow system.

Referring Others

In your members area you are provided with a tell a friend form where you can share Ebates with your friends and family members so they can save when they shop online in their own mall. You can make $5.00 for each person who signs up and completes their first purchase successfully. Since you can purchase anything you want from 900 stores, this part is easy and there is no minimum you must buy in order for both you and your referral to make $5.00. You can refer as many people as you like without spamming of course. They also provide banners and you can send coupons to your friends. You can forward the Ebates newsletters. The receive only a score of 9 for lack of keywords, ads for pay per click, articles, and email series for autoresponders. This is a great little free positive cash flow system. Get yours today.


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