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PostHeaderIcon Profitable Downline Building Tactic #26

Join Grow A Massive DownlineBefore you begin to enter your programs into any downline builder take the time to first organize your information in notepad.

Doing so will speed up the work when you're adding the links and banners to your account which prevents the site from timing out on you.

This usually leads to starting all over again!

Be sure to save your work every couple of programs so for the same reason, starting over is a complete pain!  At least if you are organized, even if you have to start over the work will still proceed pretty easily.  Tedious?  Yes in some cases where there are more than 100 sites to join, and fill out.  However, there is a downline builder that is very unique in the fact that every referral you get is screened by the system to weed out the freebie seekers.

The fact is, the only way you will earn real income from multiple income streams is to attract and locate proven buyers!  People who are good marketers in their own right, and have the skills to get massive results from their advertising efforts are the most desirable referrals you can get.

Organize, and then let your list know!  You may be very surprised at how many sign ups you get from showing them one link with your best paying programs all in one place.  Below is a simple outline of how to organize your sites using Windows notepad.

The title.
The affiliate referral link with the special token, in some cases it looks like this.  {affiliateid}
Your banner image HTML code.  Only the banner image and it should be a 468x60 banner.
Your affiliate ID for the link.

Take action now and start using Tactic #26.

Stay tuned for more!

PostHeaderIcon Build Passive Cash Flow In Your Sleep

Build Passive Cash Flow In Your Sleep!

The best thing about most affiliate programs is that once you start the advertising and getting targeted traffic to your ads, you start to make money immediately. You can build passive cash flow in your sleep if you simply follow a game plan designed to drive traffic to your site. Making money online doesn't have to be difficult, but there are things you must do in order to achieve the cash flow. Here is a list of the top ten items you must do in order to build passive cash flow and make money on the Internet.

  • Find and join programs designed to build passive cash flow.
  • Advertise these programs using targeted traffic sources.
  • Be consistent in your marketing efforts.
  • Find and use quality traffic resources offering competitive pricing.
  • Create and use a routine to get all the marketing done each day.
  • Create a free PDF file for the affiliate programs you belong to.
  • Offer your free report on all your websites to build your list.
  • Keep in touch with your sponsors and team members.
  • Keep up to date with current marketing tools and trends.
  • Never give up or program jump as this will not give you the desired results.
  • Get Your Own Domain To Build Passive Cash Flow.

    Having your own domain will go a long way when trying to build passive cash flow. You can link to all your affiliate programs which offers you a commission when someone purchases the product or upgrades in the program. This activity often happens when you are sleeping. It's a lot of fun to wake up to an in box filled with commission notices. Domain names are very affordable and you only pay once a year making this the number one tool to use when you want to build passive cash flow. Web hosting is also affordable and gives you a place to hold the web pages you need to promote your affiliate programs. You can create a single page for each affiliate program you belong to, create splash pages and lead capture pages, all with your own domain name in the URL. If you want your own affiliate program, having your domain name and web hosting will make this an easy task to complete as there are many scripts you can use to start your own program. When you have your own domain and web hosting you can apply for affiliate programs that pay commissions, like Amazon, Ebay. Google Adsense, Adbrite and Clickbank. Each of those programs are designed to pay web site owners money for the traffic they provide, which helps you build passive cash flow in your sleep. You must do the work first, but in time, each of those programs will earn money from your efforts.

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