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PostHeaderIcon Grow A Massive Downline Weekly Webinars

Grow A Massive Downline Weekly Webinars.

Each week I host a free webinar that covers affiliate marketing and downline building and so much more.  This week I have engaged the use of the Apsense Webinar announcement system which is awesome and let's the attendees to R.S.V.P. to let the host know how many will be attending the meeting.

Tonight the topic was going to be about the new service called Brand Page Pro for small and mid sized offline businesses who wish to build their brand and also secure it utilizing social media sites like Apsense, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Squidoo, and many other types of social sites.  All of this attracts people to your brand page and presents it to your clients in an attractive format making it easy for them the see your latest social announcements.

However, as things go, the first meeting did not happen due to a technical glitch with Adobe connect system and could not open the meeting room.  However, this is a temporary situation and look forward to next Thursdays meeting to go off without a hitch and the topic for today will be covered at that time.

To find out more about attending these free nuts and bolts webinars please start by joining Apsense first.  This will make it easier for you and I to connect so we can communicate effectively with each other anytime we are logged into Apsense.

Remember that Grow A Massive Downline is a builder that works to screen out freebie seekers and leave you with only proven buyers for your twenty-five best paying affiliate programs for the highest earning multi stream of income every month.

Stay tuned for more profitable downline building tips from Grow A Massive Downline.

You really can build passive cash flow.

PostHeaderIcon 6 Easy Steps To Profitable Downline Building Tactic #22

Profitable downline building tactic 22If you want to grow a massive downline so you can build passive cash flow try these 6 easy steps to profitable downline building, I call this tactic #22, the multiplier.

In this tactic I will explain how to use the multiplier which exists in almost every single traffic exchanges, safelist, text ad exchange, list builder, and a host of sites which is simply, the downline builder.

I must warn you, this tactic can take weeks, months, to complete, and it never ends as new programs come online all the time who also offer the builders in their systems.

The first step is to pick one downline builder where you can organize and use the one link to promote 25 multiplier sites.  I think that would be a great choice as their system screens out freebie seekers leaving you only the proven buyers in your downlines.

Once you have your main builder, you now find the links to the other downline builders you belong too, and add them as the programs in the first builder.  You will want to take the time to be sure each downline builder you add to the main downline builder system has all the program ID's filled out.

Repeat this step 25 times to completely fill the main downline building system, in this example,  Once this system is completely filled out with 25 of your best downline builders, you are ready to share it with others.

Others meaning, your list, your Facebook wall, your Twitter, other social sites, and your referrals of the programs you belong too.  With all the traffic arriving at your main downline builder system you have the opportunity to have signups and new referrals in potentially hundreds of programs.

The setup is time consuming and at each turn you will have to decide to take the upgrade or not, or one the time offers as you sign up for each one.  However, if you are upgraded in at least 60% of the programs you're a member of, your potential earnings are just NUTZ!

Take the time to execute this tactic and you will easily build passive cash flow as you grow a massive downline in your best paying offers.

Take these 6 easy steps to profitable downline building once you're all setup.

1. Pin an image at Pinterest and link back to your downline builder,

2. Share the image on your Facebook account and link it to your main downline builder.

3. Open your Twitter account and post a tweet about it and link to your main downline builder.

4. Open your LinkedIn account and post it on your wall linking it to your downline builder.

5. Repeat the process on any other social site you belong like Myspace and Salesspider.  The more you share the better results you get.

6. Send it to your list!  This is the most important step and is the most powerful as well.  Your list subscribed voluntarily I am sure they would want to learn about the multiplier tactic to increase their business too.

The indication that you've executed this tactic properly will be the increase in new referral notifications in your inbox possibly followed by commission notifications too.  The main thing to do once you have everything setup is make sure it gets exposure always.

You can add the link to your signature file as discussed in profitable downline building tactic #23, plus many more places to get exposure which I will be covering in the next few posts.

Be patient, work on it everyday until you get it completed,  believe me it's worth it, in fact I think you will be as shocked as I was when I first did it.  Took me a week to complete it all, but wow does it work!

Don't be lazy and don't give up!

Stay tuned for more profitable downline building tactics from your host Joe Sansoucie.

PostHeaderIcon Profitable Downline Building Tactic #26

Join Grow A Massive DownlineBefore you begin to enter your programs into any downline builder take the time to first organize your information in notepad.

Doing so will speed up the work when you're adding the links and banners to your account which prevents the site from timing out on you.

This usually leads to starting all over again!

Be sure to save your work every couple of programs so for the same reason, starting over is a complete pain!  At least if you are organized, even if you have to start over the work will still proceed pretty easily.  Tedious?  Yes in some cases where there are more than 100 sites to join, and fill out.  However, there is a downline builder that is very unique in the fact that every referral you get is screened by the system to weed out the freebie seekers.

The fact is, the only way you will earn real income from multiple income streams is to attract and locate proven buyers!  People who are good marketers in their own right, and have the skills to get massive results from their advertising efforts are the most desirable referrals you can get.

Organize, and then let your list know!  You may be very surprised at how many sign ups you get from showing them one link with your best paying programs all in one place.  Below is a simple outline of how to organize your sites using Windows notepad.

The title.
The affiliate referral link with the special token, in some cases it looks like this.  {affiliateid}
Your banner image HTML code.  Only the banner image and it should be a 468x60 banner.
Your affiliate ID for the link.

Take action now and start using Tactic #26.

Stay tuned for more!

PostHeaderIcon Guaranteed Website Traffic Will Build Passive Cash Flow.

Guaranteed Website Traffic

Guaranteed Website Traffic Will Build Passive Cash Flow.

Stan is the man when it comes to getting guaranteed website traffic that actually produces results. Using his tactics you will know what advertising works and how to use it effectively. You can have the worst website on the planet but if you get enough quality website traffic in large enough amounts, you can make sales and build passive cash flow from your efforts. The other side of the coin is that you can have the best product, service and opportunity, but if you can't get traffic to it, you won't make any money at all. You can join the Guru University and get the best advice on which advertising is producing results and how to use it for your own benefit,

Use Guaranteed Traffic To Create Residual Income.

Once you join you will receive the Guru U Top pick every week. These top picks you receive will have a traffic resource that you can use and know it's been tested and will produce the results you're looking for. From each top pick you will have full instructions on how to use the resource and how to take advantage of the paid advertising available to you. To build passive cash flow you need quality traffic that produces sales. You see at Guru U, for any advertising resource to make the Top Pick, it has to have produced sales, sign ups, or building your list effectively in order to be picked. The traffic recommendations are affordable and require no monthly commitments. Each top pick comes with a thorough background including the name of the company, who owns it and where they are located. The top picks include step by step instructions on how to use the new advertising resource. If you are tired of spending insane amounts of money with Google Adwords, posting to forums, article marketing and the multitude of other marketing resources available to you, join Guru U today. The best part of Guru U is the fact it's affordable by anyone, the traffic suggestions are affordable and if you have any questions, you can pick up the phone and ask Stan questions regarding any of the Top Picks you've been sent. This is a welcome relief to those other websites owners who hide behind their website and ignore support requests. If you want to build passive cash flow in the next few months, joining Guru U is a great resource for all Webmasters, affiliate marketers and web site owners who finally want to see results from their efforts and start making money online.

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