PostHeaderIcon Top Tier Mailer Pays 50% Commission Monthly

If you're looking for a great way to build passive cash flow, Top Tier Mailer pays 50% commission monthly.

To get new referrals into any affiliate program or MLM for that matter you need daily traffic. One of the best and proven to be effective methods of building your list is using other admins membership lists. Top Tier Mailer is one of the most unique safelists because you can transfer credits from the other three sites the admin owns and apply them for mailing credits.

You can expect clicks ranging from around 180 to 500 per send depending on your headline, offer and targeting of your market. I suggest you use this traffic source to build your list of prospects so you can offer other safelists you may be involved with. More is always better because you should be able to increase the speed at which your list grows with the addition of more and more traffic.

There is no reason not to add this little money machine to your portfolio, I've been paid over and over since the site launched and so can you if you act now and register for your Top Tier Mailer account now.

Do you want to super size your income and marketing?

Take the one time offer or O.T.O. when you're presented with it. For only $77.00 you can have an upgraded account, earn 50% commissions monthly and build your list using the admins list to do it. How great is that?! 🙂

Once you're upgraded be sure to send out an invite to your list to get new referrals fast. If just half of your list joins and if half of them upgrade, you could very well make hundreds of dollars per month while enjoying excellent traffic so you can build your list.

This fits the profile of a great way to build passive cash flow without spending a fortune, making this a very low risk income stream.
Are you ready to start earning money monthly?

PostHeaderIcon Trafficwave Voted Top Of Class

Trafficwave Is The Most Powerful Email Marketing Tool

Flat Rate Pricing - No Long-Term Contract

Hosted Lead Capture Pages
Autoresponder Campaigns
Unlimited Leads On Unlimited Lists
Unlimited Link Tracking
Unlimited Reminder Service
Unlimited Letters - run campaigns for years on autopilot!

With an $88,000.00 per month Income potential this earns Trafficwave the title of
Top Of Class Affiliate Program as well as a first class autoresponder service.

Competing companies charge you more as your lists grow basically punishing business owners for growing a massive business. Gee, you would think it's tough enough, why would a company do that to people? Makes you wonder doesn't it? TrafficWave however, has always offered a simple and affordable if not dirt cheap flat rate price of only $17.95 per month.

This means anyone can start building a profitable online business for less than sixty cents a day with access to this very powerful email marketing machine. This brings a whole new meaning to extreme email marketing management and flow through automation for your business.

To make it even easier to get started today, they accept Paypal, Alertpay, Credit Cards, And Debit Cards.

Final note - consider this.

With a list of only 100,000 prospects, Trafficwave will save customers over
$9,000.00 per year due to the flat rate pricing. The yearly cost of Trafficwave
is only $215.00 per year making it the best tool to both save money and increase
the bottom line every year.

Can you imagine what the other guys would charge if you have more than 100K on a list?

Why not a million or ten million, at Trafficwave the price never changes, it's only $17.95

Go big, Go Trafficwave. It just makes dollars and sense.

Read more about the Trafficwave autoresponder service to find out why it is truly the top of the class.

PostHeaderIcon A Great Way To Get Google’s Attention

The internet is a boom to consumers because there is nothing you cannot find research and buy online. It is also a pain because of the amount of similar products and websites that exist, making choosing the right one difficult. A search for nearly any product or service will throw up hundreds, and often thousands of pages of results. Most people are also far to lazy and time constrained to search through more than a fraction of the web pages that Google will locate for them. In fact, most will stop at the first page, as long as they can find what they want there. They probably know that they may find something better or more competitively priced on page 10 or page 50, or somewhere in between, but who is going to spend all that time and make the effort of searching through hundreds of results in the hope of finding something better? If they do not find what they want on page one, they will look further, but will stop as soon as they find what is suitable and look no further.

The result of this is clear. What sells online may not be the best or the most attractively priced. It may not be something with the best service, support or warranty. In all probability it will be the first website that a viewer finds that offers what he wants. If location, location, location are the three most important things in real estate, they are even more so when it comes to eCommerce. The success of a website does not depend on how good the products or services it offers are, or the pricing (although these cannot be ignored). It is how soon a person searching can find the website that determines how successful it will be. In other words, how high a site appears in search results determines its success. And the amount of money that the website owner will make.

For years everyone has lived with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) mantra without really understanding what it means. At the basic level it means placing enough keywords on a web page to attract the attention of Google. And the greater the attention, the higher the page will appear in the results. But put in too many words and the language becomes stilted and puts off readers. Even worse, if Google feels the page is "keyword stuffed" or that spam robots have been used, the page will be kicked out of the search results. Real SEO lies in understanding how the Google search robot works and communicating with it in the same language one it understands and can relate to.

The way to do this is by using Spider Language, the language of the Google Search Robot. The robot does not care about the product, the pricing or how good the website is. If the language used in the website is Spider Language, the robot will be attracted to it and give it a high rating, resulting in a high search result.

Anyone interested in boosting traffic to their websites and by grabbing eyeballs, increase their sales and the money they make, should seriously consider the use of Spider Language. If your website can talk to Google using Spider Language, obviously Google will be literally attracted to it and give it a high result rating.

To learn more about Spider Language, check out the free Google Spider report.

PostHeaderIcon Build Passive Cash Flow With Clixsense

You may not realize this but you can build passive cash flow with Clixsense which is one of the best Paid to Click sites for someone looking to make extra cash on the web in your spare time.

There is one distinct reason Clixsense is and excellent choice for earning in your spare time is because they will pay you down eight levels of referrals.  Since the economy is struggling Clixsense just makes perfect sense and getting referrals is simple for the same reason, other people want to make money too!

They also offer another way to earn every day using Tasks!  You simply get paid to do small tasks online like look up information or check a website for information and other simple easy Tasks you can do to earn more cash at Clixsense.  They payout at only $8.00 for upgraded members and if you're thinking of passing on this option I suggest you take the upgrade despite any misgivings you may have.

The fact is they have well over a million members and have paid them almost 2 MILLION Dollars!  They've been doing this for years so why not get your share too?! The best approach to Clixsense is listed below in easy to follow steps anyone can do.  Follow them exactly,  SPEND the $17.00 for the upgrade, this is not a subscription, you simply pay it once per year.

Once you do, you will have an immediate 100 paying ads you can click to earning cash right away.  Do this every single day, not matter how many or how little ads they have each day to maximize your personal earnings.   I also recommend that you upload your professional photo so your referrals will connect with you better and help you keep them active clickers.

Referrals are important to you as a member of Clixsense because of the eight levels they will pay you on, so the main thing you will want to do is get your referral link into the hands of your personal mailing list FIRST!  This will be the fastest way to get direct referrals, unless you don't have a list in this case I highly recommend you start building one today.  (See this page on that subject).

Other methods that are useful are as follows:

Pay Per Click
Paid To Click
Paid To Read
Pay Per View
Solo Email Marketing
Free Ezine Classifieds
Viral Traffic Sites
Banner Advertising
Text Advertising
Mobile Text Advertising
Social Bookmarking
Safelist Marketing
Signature File Marketing
Forum Marketing
Article Marketing
Video Marketing
Magazine Marketing
Newspaper Advertising

And many more I am sure you will come up with on your own but you get the idea I am sure.  As long as you don't use SPAM, using any or all of those methods will easily help you get more direct referrals into Clixsense.  This will seed your Clixsense business and soon you will see that those people have found people who joined them and so on down the eight levels of income.  I think that is so awesome because a lot of people don't do well with complicated pay plans and Clixsense keeps it simple and easy for you to earn daily!

If you're not a member yet, please click the banner above and join now.  Take my advise and upgrade immediately before clicking any ads and let me know your username once you're upgraded and you will receive $500.00 in free advertising coupons you can use to promote your Clixsense links and banner to help you get more referrals as fast as you can.  It isn't the be-all-end-all of traffic packages of course but it will save you $500.00 keeping your total cost to upgrade at Clixsense to only the one time payment of just $17.00.  Pay once and earn unlimited all year long!

If you need more money and who doesn't today, relax and join today, upgrade, click all your ads today and everyday, grab the $500.00 in free advertising and let the world know you're looking for people who want to make money too!  You can see how this is very easy today and every day, it requires faith that it works which is does by the way,  your own efforts daily to click your ads for cash, and collect the money.  Oh and watch your downline grow the more you advertise on the web letting people know it's available and paying members reliably, on time every time.

I love it and I think you will too.  See you soon!

PostHeaderIcon Build Passive Cash Flow Promoting Properly

How To Build Passive Cash Flow Promoting Properly.

How Many Of These Are You Utilizing In Your Business Today? Are You Missing Anything In Your Efforts?
Many times failure is self inflicted because we fail to follow through and use all the tools and traffic sources we have at our fingertips. The list below is a good guide to follow to make sure your business is getting enough traffic and exposure to cause conversion and generate sales and sign ups. To build passive cash flow you need reliable cash generating programs products and sites, but without the proper amount and application of traffic, you will find it difficult to generate an income.

Check the list below against your own advertising and marketing efforts to see where you need to work harder and get working on those areas right away. The sooner you do, the sooner you will have a chance to change your financial future for the better and build passive cash flow forever.

1. Your own opt-in list - This is a no brainer because without your own list, you will NOT MAKE ANY MONEY!

2. Email ads to Safelists - These are great sources of traffic to run through your filter called the lead capture page which helps you BUILD your list first and foremost. See #1 to know why this is vital!

3. Banner exchange programs - Grab a domain and web hosting, put up some pages and then join a few banner exchange programs. The way they work is simple, you place their banner rotator code on your webpages and rotate the members banners on your site. In exchange, your banner will be shown on the network of webmasters who also participate in the exchange. Your banner should be linked to your lead capture page, see #1 to understand why.

4. Traffic programs - Traffic programs include, Traffic exchanges, safelist, text ad exchanges, Pay Per Click sites, Paid To Click sites, Pop Up and Pop Under programs, Ebay, Google, Facebook, Twitter, anywhere you can purchase or place, post ads for the sole purpose of driving traffic to your lead capture page. See #1 to understand how important this is to your success.

5. Newsletter advertising - They provide free classifieds, paid sponsor ads, solo ads, and if you really want traffic from any newsletter simply write a great article about 5 or 6 paragraphs on a specific topic like, email marketing and submit it to the editor. If they like it, they will run it in their newsletter along with your link. Nice!

6. Article Promotions - Writing a good article per week and submitting it to article directories can bring a nice flow of targeted traffic to your lead capture page. Use your article to educate and pre-sell and be sure to include your authors resource box at the end of your article. You won't be able to add links to your article, however you can use one in your resource box and lead them to your blog. List your programs there and your visitors will stick around for a while.

7. Link Exchange services - Simply a trade between webmasters where each party adds the link from the other on their web pages for a mutual exchange of traffic. Since all people will eventually leave a website no matter what, this is a great way to whisk them off to your link exchange partners site. This is where a domain and web hosting comes in real handy. Remember to whisk them off to your lead capture page, again see #1 if you don't get this point yet.

8. Free classified advertising - Free ad posts and there are tons of them online, pace yourself and use the big dogs to start off so you get traffic sooner rather than later. While I am not an enthusiast of free classifieds due to the time it takes to post ads on them, I do recognize the advantage they offer due to the targeting of cities and states. For local MLM marketers this can lead to genuine interested people getting on your list (See #1) and becoming one of your best sign ups! You never know where the next rock star in your organization will come from.

9. Email advertising - Always effective yet always misunderstood by most who utilize it. Email marketing to your own list can be and is a very profitable method of bringing home the bacon. However most people don't understand how to utilize it effectively, yet those who do, make a fortune. Those who don't fail to realize their financial future. Email advertising is a large subject and a good article to start with can be read here.

10. List building - Your Daily Mission! Your job no matter what you're promoting online is to drive traffic to your lead capture page or pages in order to build your list, or as we like to call the action, list building. This is where the real money is earned online, and it's not that hard or difficult, the fact is, it won't happen over night. This is why it should be the one thing you do every day. Build that list. You know... See #1.

11. Newspaper advertising - If you are serious about the program, product, or service you've chosen to promote online, newspaper advertising can be very effective at generating fresh hot qualified leads on your list. To do it effectively you will want to employ a .info domain to redirect and mask your lead capture page. It will look more professional in the print ad and you must keep the link short and simple because people won't have a link to click. In the newspaper they will have to read the domain and type it manually into the web browsers address bar. These will be golden leads due to the amount of steps needed to reach your website. ie: Purchase newspaper, read newspaper, find your ad, turn on PC, open web browser, type domain into the address bar and click the go button. If they do all that and you don't capture a lead, you may be considered a newbie. Always build your list, see #1, yes it's that serious.

12. Pay-per-click advertising - While using the big dogs like Google is very expensive, there are affordable alternatives that will produce the same results while keeping ad costs in check. The success or failure of your PPC ad campaign will depend heavily on your ability to write powerful short headlines and short text ads. You pay for each click on your ad so be sure to deliver those clicks to your lead capture page to generate fresh leads.

14. Signature files - This is must do for everyone who is marketing anything online. It's simple, effective, and powerful. Your signature file is basically the finishing touch to your letter, or reply to other peoples messages sent to you. Be sure you only put the best offers you have to get maximum results from it. This type of advertising will work over the long haul, set it and forget it, soon it will produce results.

15. Product Reviews - This is a very effective method of pre-selling affiliate programs, increasing commissions due to more people taking the one time offer, or upgrading, purchasing the product. It is your recommendation that sells the visitor on the fact they must have it. Don't use hype or lies, and no one is interested in how much your sponsor has made in whatever program. Only your personal story can be the best review and in most cases will be the cause of getting the sale, upgrade, or commission. For example: I use Trafficwave for my email management and automation of my online business and without it my business would come to a screeching halt and so would my income. I use Trafficwave because they offer flat rate pricing and unlimited service at only $17.95 per month. Compared to the other guys service, on a list of 100,000 subscribers, Trafficwave saves me over $9,000 dollars per year. Find out more about Trafficwave here. I believe in this service and highly recommend it.

PostHeaderIcon This Is The Best – Low Cost – Turn-Key Business Ever!

This Is The Best - Low Cost - Turn-Key Business Ever!

Are you still looking for something to promote that will actually make money for you every month? If you are not sure what HTML is or how to register a domain, or if you just want something under $15.00 per month that pays you a 50% commission, this is it.

What is the one thing every Internet and affiliate marketer needs every single day, week in and week out? If you thought advertising, you're correct. No matter what someone wants to promote online, they need traffic, a constant flow of people who visit your site.

If you're like me, you have a lot of programs to promote, like Traffic exchanges, Safelists, Text Ad Exchanges, our favorite Paid To Click sites, PLR's, Software, etc... One of the challenges of course is getting the traffic needed to cause conversion.

A conversion is a desired action like getting fresh leads on your mailing list, or getting new referrals to your affiliate programs, or even signing up new MLM reps for your home based business. The conversion is the first steps to getting the sale, closing the deal, and collecting the commissions.

If you're just starting out on the web, the amount of advertising and traffic sources is absolutely overwhelming to say the least, in fact there is no way anyone could every use all that is available to us. Not sure if that's bad or good, but it is a source of frustration for many marketers.

Well, I've found what I feed is the easiest to setup in just about 20 minutes, and it's simple to navigate, it's affordable at only $14.95 per month which covers hosting, and it's perfect for Internet marketers, affiliates, in fact anyone who is looking for a great way to build passive cash flow.

The highlights of going pro are shown in the image below. Check the highlighted areas, this is where the real money is for those who are serious about getting something of their own to profit from while grabbing as much traffic as possible from the system.

The chart

Get Your Own Pro Ad Board To Earn Big Profits

As you can see from the chart, a pro member will have eight ways to earn money making this one of the best, low cost, processing the absolute potential for producing an excellent income every month.  If you were to try to launch your own ad board like this you would find it would cost a lot more than the measly $14.95 they're asking for such a professional looking site.

If you're looking for something to be proud to promote and pays you eight different ways, this is the right choice.  On a final note, the fact is, every person who posts a free ad on your board, will be on your list, whom you can email every day!  Go pro for sure so you can enjoy all the benefits this setup offers you.  You won't regret it!

Read more about it here.

PostHeaderIcon Rent-A-List Targeted List Advertising Review

Rent-A-List Targeted List Advertising Review

If you've been searching for information on reaching large targeted audiences
and making more sales
from your website, then you've probably come across
Targeted List Advertising.
And, if you are like me then you probably wondered what the story is
behind this popular advertising site.

Well, here's the truth: This list is the real deal.

I'll be the first to admit that I was hesitant
when I first decided to join "" But
after I started advertising my website on this list,
I was literally blown away by the effectiveness of it.

The first thing I noticed as soon as I gained access to their member's
area was that it was easy to navigate and laid out well -- affordable
advertising deals, real-time tracking...and so on.
I know that
sounds like an overwhelming amount of information,
but one of my favorite things about this website -- which you'll discover right away
-- is that it extremely targeted, very effective, can run multiple campaigns,
track and reporting, and very affordable.

Here are some of the major advantages...

1. Precision Targeting Options - Clone Your Best Customers

You'll be able to reach the exact demographics, economic and
behavioral target market and create your own mix of targets in a snap. You
can either choose 1. Standard Targeting. 2. Consumer
. or 3. B2B Targeting.

2. Advertising Reach - Know Exactly How Many Prospects Are

Pull real time subscriber count from our databases and decide
how many prospects you want to reach.

3. Advanced Tracking - Important Data At Your Fingertips

Allows you to run multiple campaigns in multiple channels and
track everything in one area. Number of channels, number of campaigns,
Impressions, clicks, total cost, average cost per clicks and more.

4. Multiple Channels & Competitive Pricing - Drive Down
Your Advertising Costs Dramatically

Drive down your advertising costs by using multiple channels to
reach your audience.

5. - Use Bulk Order Campaigns For Future Promotion

Purchase in bulk and save 30-40-50% during our monthly sale
period. The best part is that you can start your campaigns at any time, when you
are ready.

the best part is that you will see responses as soon as you start
advertising with Rent-A-List.

what impresses me most about this company
is that -- every package comes with an iron-clad guarantee. You can be sure to
hear from them with a 'complete stats report' of your previous campaign.

"" is
considered by many marketers as the most effective marketing site, since it
reaches mass targeted audience. Thousands of marketers use
it on a daily basis and swear that it is The best advertising site out there. I
give this service my absolute highest recommendation.

"Increase revenue from
your website with targeted e-mail marketing solutions, guaranteed performance
based advertising, accurate real-time campaign tracking, and more...with
minimal cost to you!"

Start gaining new customers in less than 15
. Click here for more information

PostHeaderIcon How to Stop Your Affiliate Links from Getting Hijacked

How to Stop Your Affiliate Links from Getting Hijacked

Just the other day I was looking through the stats from one of my affiliate marketing campaigns and noticed that I was suddenly converting at under 5%. Considering I was using a sales funnel that had been tested again and again to convert over 40% - I was extremely confused. Of course I double checked all of the statistics and assumed it would pick up in a day or two. Well a week passed.

It STAYED at under 5% conversion.

I just couldn't figure out why it was converting so low. I decided to ask one of my online friends who was an established internet marketer and he just laughed and said, 'you aren't using anything to cloak your links, are you?'

Unfortunately I wasn't, I actually had no idea how to cloak my links or why I should. After asking him a little more about it I figured out why you should always cloak your affiliate links - people and programs will change your affiliate link to their own and steal your commissions! There is a type of spyware that does just that, whenever a user visits a ClickBank product (as well as other affiliate programs), it replaces the referrer ID with the spyware creator's.

That means I was basically handing over all of my commissions to this thief. The worst part is that I had lost a few days of sells already, I wish I had known about cloaking links before that points. There are a bunch of ways to cloak links, but some break the cookies while others screw up the redirect.

If you aren't positive of your sales being genuine and correct, it may be that someone is stealing your commissions. This is especially true if you've recently noticed a drop in sales, or if your campaigns are performing well under your expectations. It isn't extremely hard to find a guide about link cloaking, but most don't take affiliate marketing into account and might screw up the cookies so you STILL don't get commissions.

Other than link cloaking there isn't a definitive way to stop others from hijacking your affiliate links. Luckily you can implement a cloak on your links within minutes, you just need to find a good cloak. The problem definitely isn't a lack of available programs - it's a lack of programs that actually work and get you the sale.

You can split test your campaign a thousand times and set up brilliant sales funnels, but it won't make a difference if you aren't using a good link cloaking program or service.

Discover more about link cloaking in the free Cloak and Dagger Affiliate Secrets report. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box. You can also include your affiliate link if you sign up at Clickbank Pirate.

PostHeaderIcon PTC Income Generates Passive Cash Flow

InboxDollars Qualifies As Primary Business Opportunity

PTC Income Generates Passive Cash Flow is a fact, and I am someone who uses paid to click sites to make money online. I belong to only a handful of these money sites because most paid to click sites are no good and a waste of your time. In fact there are so many bad paid to click sites it's no wonder most people think they are a scam. I agree that there's that many bad sites, however if you know which sites to spend your time and your money on, you will find that these little sites do make money.

The fact is, if used properly with the right tools and mindset, PTC income generates passive cash flow for as long as you wish to earn from them. The basic rules you must remember is to always use any traffic source to generate a new prospect or lead on your email marketing list. You must have someone with whom to share new sites, bad sites, your tips on how to work each site effectively and so on. Without your list, you will find it difficult to get direct referrals which brings us to the second rule which is the more referrals you have the more money you will be able to earn each day.

With that being said, getting new direct referrals seems to be difficult for some people which can have an adverse effect on your daily earnings. PTC income generates passive cash flow if you click your ads every day, not just once in a while but every day and every ad they offer you. The best paid to click sites enable you to get instant payouts turning these sites into your own personal ATM machine!

Many people don't know that PTC income generates passive cash flow, and when they find out how easy it is, they latch on pretty quickly. After all the sites are easy to use and clicking a few ads every day to earn some money is something almost anyone can do in their spare time. For instance, you can click your ads before work each day as you eat the first meal of your day, then again before you retire for the night. This will over a short time begin to fill each Paid to click site with collectable income you can spend!

PTC Income Generates Passive Cash Flow is what you're looking for if you've failed to make any real money with paid to click sites, the report will open your eyes to the potential you may be missing out on. Take a second look today and follow some common sense you'll find in the report, and make some money! I do and I know it will work for you as well.

PTC Income Generates Passive Cash Flow

PTC Income Generates Passive Cash Flow

PTC Income Generates Passive Cash Flow

PostHeaderIcon Monster Solos Helps Internet Marketers Build Passive Cash Flow

Affordable Super Solo Advertising? Brand New Site Launch!

If you are just starting out online to build passive cash flow you will need the vital 4 business tools to succeed. 1. Your domain. 2. your web hosting account. 3. Trafficwave autoresponder service to build and manage your mailing list. 4. Instant Splash page maker to build your marketing system.

Once you have the essential 5 business tools, the next and only thing left that you will absolutely need is massive consistent traffic to your lead capture page you created at Instant Splash. As a 16 year seasoned Internet Marketer I know where to get traffic, and what sites to use to generate the massive traffic I need. If you don't really have good advertising resources I can highly recommend one that I know you'll love. It's called Monster Solos and the name is spot on because your solo ad goes out to over 90,000 members! That is monster exposure and the price is just silly! Talk about dirt cheap! Wow! What a bargain!

My own experience tells me that the use of Super Solos sites are the most responsive ones without any doubt. It's a numbers game for sure and when the numbers start approaching the 100K mark you're sure to get the massive exposure you need so badly. One click and your solo ad is sent to a huge well actually a monster solo network of sites. The members of those sites will receive your email solo advertisement without your having to worry about joining all those programs! What a time saver!

If you follow my lead and upgrade to Platinum, you will get 2 super solos a month for life! And 50% commissions on all upgrades too! OK, look, you want to make money right, you know, build passive cash flow you can retire on right? Well what could be better than offering other Internet marketers who also need massive traffic their lead capture pages, than to give it to them?

When you sign up today be sure to pay close attention to the OTO (One Time Offer), it is just plain crazy! When I saw it I thought that it had to be a mistake! That low price for all that advertising? You've got to be kidding me! Listen. just take my word for it, and ramp up your advertising at Monster solos and send your ad out. You'll see!

Resource links for the above services.
For Domain name registration and web hosting click here.
Join Trafficwave because it is the best autoresponder on the planet. Also the best paying.
Join and upgrade at Instant Splash to build the fastest capture pages anywhere. Pays 50%.

Free Gift For Subscribers!

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