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PostHeaderIcon Grow A Massive Downline Using TopSurfer

Topsurfer Wholesale Membership RecommendedProfitable Downline Building Tactic #19 will be focused on selecting a profitable program in the first place to ensure your success.  To make more money you need to be sure the program you select pays you a huge commission.

It must be of value to those who purchase it and it must also allow them to make money as well.  So there are many programs that may be good candidates one program to me really stands out as a must have in your programs list.

Although TopSurfer has established itself as a premium traffic resource many people may only see the traffic exchange or autoexchange.  While these are part of the Topsurfer make up, there are three absolute gems I feel need you really need to know about.

For one thing, I am not an avid clicker although I can do the job very well, I would rather concentrate on finding and promoting excellent products, programs, and services online.   Topsurfer is one of those programs I feel very comfortable sharing with others who are looking for both traffic and a source of great income.

While it's not a recurring ten dollars each month, you will find yourself purchasing it month after month manually because the solo ads alone are worth the price.  So what are the three gems I referred too?

1. Wholesale membership is only $10.00 per month - non recurring.  Watch for special where you can purchase three months and get one free.

2. As a wholesale member you only need one sale to break even so there is no risk to you.  Instead this allows you to sell the wholesale membership to others which is easy to do because of all the traffic they get plus the opportunity to earn $10.00 payments over and over.

3. As a wholesale member you don't have to wait for commissions as you customers will pay you directly through your own online payment processor like Paypal, Payza, etc,.  Because they are paying you directly your payments are instant!

So to recap:  Affordable for anyone at only $10.00.  Make one sale and you break even meaning the second sale is 100% profit in your pocket, and finally you get paid directly and instantly.

Topsurfer is a Grow A Massive Downline RECOMMENDED addition to your own programs list! I am sure it will do a great job helping you to generate unlimited ten dollar payments, instantly, for selling great advertising through solo ads and newsletter classifieds to people who need the advertising.  And the cash. 🙂

If you haven't found the right income maker yet go watch the short 2 minute video which explains just how easy it is to give away free advertising.  It will also explain how with each new referral you get they will offer them the upgrade.  When they click Upgrade you get paid directly and instantly!  Topsurfer takes care of the rest so you don't have to which earns them the must have addition to anyones downline builder.

Click to become a Topsurfer Wholesale member and start getting paid while using effective advertising for your business today. Making money online doesn't have to difficult in fact it can be very easy when you offer the right product at the right price to those who want it.

The beauty here is that there are more and more people marketing things online and everyone of them can be your next customer for life!  There is nothing standing in your way when you invest your time into something so real it stands the test of time.

Stay tuned for more profitable downline building tactics, tips, and recommendations to help you make more money online.

PostHeaderIcon Trafficwave Voted Top Of Class

Trafficwave Is The Most Powerful Email Marketing Tool

Flat Rate Pricing - No Long-Term Contract

Hosted Lead Capture Pages
Autoresponder Campaigns
Unlimited Leads On Unlimited Lists
Unlimited Link Tracking
Unlimited Reminder Service
Unlimited Letters - run campaigns for years on autopilot!

With an $88,000.00 per month Income potential this earns Trafficwave the title of
Top Of Class Affiliate Program as well as a first class autoresponder service.

Competing companies charge you more as your lists grow basically punishing business owners for growing a massive business. Gee, you would think it's tough enough, why would a company do that to people? Makes you wonder doesn't it? TrafficWave however, has always offered a simple and affordable if not dirt cheap flat rate price of only $17.95 per month.

This means anyone can start building a profitable online business for less than sixty cents a day with access to this very powerful email marketing machine. This brings a whole new meaning to extreme email marketing management and flow through automation for your business.

To make it even easier to get started today, they accept Paypal, Alertpay, Credit Cards, And Debit Cards.

Final note - consider this.

With a list of only 100,000 prospects, Trafficwave will save customers over
$9,000.00 per year due to the flat rate pricing. The yearly cost of Trafficwave
is only $215.00 per year making it the best tool to both save money and increase
the bottom line every year.

Can you imagine what the other guys would charge if you have more than 100K on a list?

Why not a million or ten million, at Trafficwave the price never changes, it's only $17.95

Go big, Go Trafficwave. It just makes dollars and sense.

Read more about the Trafficwave autoresponder service to find out why it is truly the top of the class.

PostHeaderIcon This Is The Best – Low Cost – Turn-Key Business Ever!

This Is The Best - Low Cost - Turn-Key Business Ever!

Are you still looking for something to promote that will actually make money for you every month? If you are not sure what HTML is or how to register a domain, or if you just want something under $15.00 per month that pays you a 50% commission, this is it.

What is the one thing every Internet and affiliate marketer needs every single day, week in and week out? If you thought advertising, you're correct. No matter what someone wants to promote online, they need traffic, a constant flow of people who visit your site.

If you're like me, you have a lot of programs to promote, like Traffic exchanges, Safelists, Text Ad Exchanges, our favorite Paid To Click sites, PLR's, Software, etc... One of the challenges of course is getting the traffic needed to cause conversion.

A conversion is a desired action like getting fresh leads on your mailing list, or getting new referrals to your affiliate programs, or even signing up new MLM reps for your home based business. The conversion is the first steps to getting the sale, closing the deal, and collecting the commissions.

If you're just starting out on the web, the amount of advertising and traffic sources is absolutely overwhelming to say the least, in fact there is no way anyone could every use all that is available to us. Not sure if that's bad or good, but it is a source of frustration for many marketers.

Well, I've found what I feed is the easiest to setup in just about 20 minutes, and it's simple to navigate, it's affordable at only $14.95 per month which covers hosting, and it's perfect for Internet marketers, affiliates, in fact anyone who is looking for a great way to build passive cash flow.

The highlights of going pro are shown in the image below. Check the highlighted areas, this is where the real money is for those who are serious about getting something of their own to profit from while grabbing as much traffic as possible from the system.

The chart

Get Your Own Pro Ad Board To Earn Big Profits

As you can see from the chart, a pro member will have eight ways to earn money making this one of the best, low cost, processing the absolute potential for producing an excellent income every month.  If you were to try to launch your own ad board like this you would find it would cost a lot more than the measly $14.95 they're asking for such a professional looking site.

If you're looking for something to be proud to promote and pays you eight different ways, this is the right choice.  On a final note, the fact is, every person who posts a free ad on your board, will be on your list, whom you can email every day!  Go pro for sure so you can enjoy all the benefits this setup offers you.  You won't regret it!

Read more about it here.

PostHeaderIcon How to Stop Your Affiliate Links from Getting Hijacked

How to Stop Your Affiliate Links from Getting Hijacked

Just the other day I was looking through the stats from one of my affiliate marketing campaigns and noticed that I was suddenly converting at under 5%. Considering I was using a sales funnel that had been tested again and again to convert over 40% - I was extremely confused. Of course I double checked all of the statistics and assumed it would pick up in a day or two. Well a week passed.

It STAYED at under 5% conversion.

I just couldn't figure out why it was converting so low. I decided to ask one of my online friends who was an established internet marketer and he just laughed and said, 'you aren't using anything to cloak your links, are you?'

Unfortunately I wasn't, I actually had no idea how to cloak my links or why I should. After asking him a little more about it I figured out why you should always cloak your affiliate links - people and programs will change your affiliate link to their own and steal your commissions! There is a type of spyware that does just that, whenever a user visits a ClickBank product (as well as other affiliate programs), it replaces the referrer ID with the spyware creator's.

That means I was basically handing over all of my commissions to this thief. The worst part is that I had lost a few days of sells already, I wish I had known about cloaking links before that points. There are a bunch of ways to cloak links, but some break the cookies while others screw up the redirect.

If you aren't positive of your sales being genuine and correct, it may be that someone is stealing your commissions. This is especially true if you've recently noticed a drop in sales, or if your campaigns are performing well under your expectations. It isn't extremely hard to find a guide about link cloaking, but most don't take affiliate marketing into account and might screw up the cookies so you STILL don't get commissions.

Other than link cloaking there isn't a definitive way to stop others from hijacking your affiliate links. Luckily you can implement a cloak on your links within minutes, you just need to find a good cloak. The problem definitely isn't a lack of available programs - it's a lack of programs that actually work and get you the sale.

You can split test your campaign a thousand times and set up brilliant sales funnels, but it won't make a difference if you aren't using a good link cloaking program or service.

Discover more about link cloaking in the free Cloak and Dagger Affiliate Secrets report. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box. You can also include your affiliate link if you sign up at Clickbank Pirate.

PostHeaderIcon Affiliate Tactics To Build Passive Cash Flow

2,072,941 Emails Opened On SOTAM.. Are You In?

Safe list email marketing is extremely effective when you need a serious punch in your advertising that will almost always bring you a fresh batch of new prospects to your autoreponder list. There are many safe lists out there both new and seasoned, and frankly I use all that I can get my hands on. I also take a professional approach to my online business as an Internet marketer and upgrade to the top membership. The reason I do this is because I know, and I am letting you know, that it is the best the sites usually have to offer. This means that you can mail the most members at the maximum amount of times per day with the added perk in most cases of generating affiliate commissions. Affiliate commissions is one of the great affiliate tactics to use if you want to build passive cash flow online.

Because of this experience I am sharing with you and my 16 years marketing online, I have to talk to you about a very good safe list I've been using lately that brings a very good response. In other words, I get new opt ins on my list when I mail to it. It's so great to have a traffic resource you can count on to bring results, and I absolutely love the fact that it pays a very good commission!

At the beginning of this post I mentioned that 2,072,941 Emails where opened not just emails sent, but that's how many member ads that have been opened by other members of this safe list! Because of the performance of this resource, the number just keeps rising!!
What could that do for your sales and commissions earned?

So what makes SOTAM so effective? Good Question!

Simple... Button Escalation! Members are rewarded by escalating to higher button levels where they can send ads to more members even if they are not upgraded to that level! Listen to me, you've never seen anything like this before and it will drive your conversions
through the top of the scale. Of course it will help if you're giving away a great free incentive to those who join your opt in list. There is a free option of course, and you can mail up to 3,000 members, but trust me, pay the money and send to 7500 instead! Much better results when you hit a bigger because the numbers are in your favor. Did I mention great commissions? If you want to make money online, like any business, you must spend it to make it. It's a law of the nature of business in general so there's no getting around it. Fortunately, this won't break the bank if you take the one time offer, keep a sharp eye out for it once you create your account.

OK, now speaking of making money online, you will be happy to know that they also offer profit sharing which was just added to explode your click rates even further! SOTAM was designed for one thing and one thing only... to get you ultimate results and I must admit, it's a good list.

There's a must have list of cool features.

=> Profit Sharing - I mentioned that didn't I? 🙂 Thierr specially crafted profit sharing system is designed to ramp your click rates through the roof! Anyone can participate and earn profit sharing even as a free member!

=> On-site solo ads - Our on-site solo ads allow you to conveniently view all the emails that you may have missed in your email. This also drives members click rates to insane new heights and also increases your sales!

=> Hyper-linked Viral Ads - This allows you to be able to advertise your businesses to thousands of people instantly when you promote your own affiliate link as your business opportunities are in your Hyper-linked Viral Ads 3 levels deep!

What does this mean to you? That's easy! More conversions and more sales!

=> Stacked Residual Income Factor - One of the most valued and important revenues online is residual income. We've given you 9 streams of income that will produce you a lifetime of income and all it takes is by just referring a few people that upgrade!

=> Innovative New Features - We are constantly adding new and innovative features that improve the quality of SOTAM and your ability to earn income, as well as, receive the best possible conversion for your advertising efforts!

State-Of-The-Art-Mailer is an absolute powerhouse in marketing history.

If you are not using it, you really are hurting your ability to reach more people!

Add SOTAM to your arsenal today and experience the power of the most advanced mailer system on the internet.

Click the link below and get ready success!

Next Step, Make Sure To Turbo Charge This Product And

Your Marketing by clicking the link below. It will help you

get massive traffic to your website like it does mine.

Viral Mailer And Profit Sharing System... All In ONE!

Click here to get Free Targeted Website Traffic

PostHeaderIcon How To Build Passive Cash Flow With Text Ad Exchanges

Would You Like To Learn How To Make At Least $500 Per Month?

You've heard it before... 97% of the people marketing anything online are failing to turn a profit of any kind! This is easily corrected using just a few basic online business tools and text ad exchange marketing.  It is very possible to make at least $500 dollars per month on the web once you learn how easy you can do it.  It's not as hard as the so called "guru's" make it out to be.

I can show you how to do it now!

You can get my free report on the exact tools you need, their cost per month (under $30 per month), and the promo codes to hundreds of text ad exchanges where combined you will be able to send out over 750 solo ads and get over 750,000 banner ad impressions, all for free!

How To Monetize Text Ad Exchanges.

Follow these steps to build passive cash flow using text ad exchanges.  This is done by first building your list using the traffic from these exchanges.  There are hundreds of these sites and if used correctly can mean the difference between being stuck in the 97% crowd and making money like the 3% crowd.  How to build passive cash will become clear to you in my free report which will also give you access to the exclusive promo codes on over 100 text ad exchanges.  Combined with my free report you will discover how to turn this traffic into prospects on your list.  The money is in the list as they say and if you build your list, you are on your way to making a lot more than just $500.00 per month in passive, positive cash flow.

Free Gift For Subscribers!

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