How To Make Your First $100.00 Dollars Working From Home On The Internet.

It would seem that it would be easy right? And indeed for some, a small percentage, have indeed logged onto the web and turned a profit, making their first $100.00 online in no time at all. However, for the large majority, earning that first hundred is a serious challenge, in fact it's reported that 97% fail to earn anything at all.

Why Is It So Hard To Achieve?

It could be that the 97% of those people had the perfect turn-key business right in front of their face yet failed to read the words on the page, simply dismissing it. Many people have actually lost thousands of dollars chasing the dream only to keep failing no matter what they chose to promote. Of course this editor does know the number one reason why these people keep failing to succeed, however those same people are afraid of it. The fear of success and business tools needed to achieve that success. The fear of success cannot be fixed in the course of a blog post, professional help may be needed, but the other fear seems to be about doing the one thing that generates the cash flow after all.

They Fail To Build Their List First!


Check your inbox, I'll bet you will find at least one headline or message that sounds just like the example above. Sorry for that but I wanted to make a point. You see most people who do not know what to do to make money online will fall for a headline like that every time. BTW, NBT stands for Next Big Thing, you know, you've seen them before and the fact is there is nothing new about any of it. In most cases the products you see are simply reshuffled content with a new graphics package and a new sales letter to sell it. Once you pay for it of course you find you're still stuck with the same problem as before you purchased it, how to do you make it all work? How to do make the money, everyone says it's so easy!

You Need Your Personal Safe List Of Prospects!

I am not talking about safelists like Freesafelistmailer, I am talking about your in house mailing list managed by a professional autoresponder system. BTW, that is the other fear people have is using an autoresponder to build their list every day. The fact is that using a safelist or text ad exchange or even a traffic exchange is not the same as sending an offer to your personal list.

No List - No Money - No Kidding!

Yet, every time the NBT hits the inbox, people run right out and join of course, then grab the affiliate link and drive traffic to that link. Of course the cost of doing this is quite high when you figure in the labor and the cost of the advertising, if the list isn't being built first each hit is costing one dollar. So 10,000 free hits sounds great until you add the cost of a dollar per hit and then it costs you money. No list being built daily, means there is no one to sell anything too and if no one buys, you don't make money, and I'm not kidding.

Traffic Is Used To Build YOUR List FIRST!

Making your first one hundred dollars online can be broken down to business tools you must have, the right offer to attract interested prospects, and at least 10 - 20,000 unique visitors per day going to your lead capture page. The list of business tools you need isn't that large and you won't have to take out a loan or anything.

You Will Need These Tools At Minimum. Total Monthly Business Cost: $34.85.

  • Autoresponder - Cost $17.95 Per Month
  • Splash Page Maker - Cost $9.95 Per Month
  • Tracking Service - $6.95 Per Month

You Will Need A Monthly Advertising Budget.

It doesn't matter how much you have or start with as long as it's not zero because you can't do much for free and get any real results without sending long hours every day driving traffic to your lead capture page. If you are a working stiff like most people your time will be pressed when you get home to try to generate the needed traffic. Paying for it, is the only way to go and produces the fastest results which is handy when you're first start out.

You can start with a budget as low as $25.00 to spend on advertising, more is better of course and more importantly the consistency of your advertising is vital. Doing a once a month ad run will produce minimal results and it's almost not worth it, but spending $25.00 per week will produce a consistent traffic flow and generate better results.

You Will Need Guaranteed Income Sources To Seed Your Business.

Cash flow saves more businesses on and off the web than anything else because as long as the cash is flowing you can move your business forward each day. Making your first hundred dollars online can take anywhere between a few minutes to months depending on your personal drive determination and will to keep going until you achieve success.

Reliable Paying Guaranteed Income Sources Are Rare.

Despite what you might read online, there is only a handful of sites where you can be guaranteed to earn and get paid provided you show up and do the work required to earn it. They are called Paid To Click sites and the way they work is simple enough to understand. The advertiser pays the admin of the site to get exposure for his offers. The members of the site are paid a portion or percentage of the amount the admin earns on the advertising. When you view an advertisers ad for say 30 seconds or less, you are paid up to a penny, and in some cases 2 pennies for doing it.

While it might not seem like a lot at first, you must take in account the fact you also earn from your referrals clicks each day as well. In fact, in just a short time if you stick with it, you can generate between $100 and $500 dollars and even more depending on your personal daily clicking and your referrals activity. Of course by referring more and more people you will find your income grows rapidly the more you refer. This is the leverage of referring other members to the paid to click sites
and the best way to grow reliable income.

Setup Your Guaranteed income Streams Below.

I could give you a long list of links here to follow but instead I have organized them at one site which makes it easy for you find and bookmark so you can refer back to it when needed. I use Grow A Massive Downline to showcase 25 of my best paying most reliable earning sites which I absolutely feel confident recommending to you. The reason is simple, I've been paid from each one reliably without any games and the pennies I clicked for have rewarded me with dollars. It can do the same for you provided you remain faithful to the daily routine of clicking your ad every day. The way I look at it and recommend you do to is to think of it as giving yourself a pay raise each day. In fact each person you refer to these sites using your affiliate link will immediately earn you more money when they click their ads daily. No other programs online work like this because they all rely on free members upgrading their accounts so you can earn commissions. This is not controllable.

Join from my list from the link below.

  • Grow A Massive Downline - Option Cost $10.00 One Time Fee For Pro Membership. My list of best paying sites is located here.

The Strategy Is Explained In The Article Entitled Stop Wasting Your Traffic Get The Big Picture.

The truth is that is doesn't matter what you want to promote online, if you don't concentrate your advertising dollars and your time on building your list first, you won't every make $100.00 or $100,000.00 for that matter. Read the article again if this isn't clear by now because it's important you understand it.

Bottom line: If you have a list of say 100 people and you offer them something that they can use and need for a dollar, you should be able to earn $100.00 per month on average. If you offer higher ticket items ranging from $5.00 to $500.00 you may average more per month and every persons experience will be different. Your success is solely based on your own performance and willingness to succeed. No one can do it for you.