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Topsurfer Wholesale Membership RecommendedProfitable Downline Building Tactic #19 will be focused on selecting a profitable program in the first place to ensure your success.  To make more money you need to be sure the program you select pays you a huge commission.

It must be of value to those who purchase it and it must also allow them to make money as well.  So there are many programs that may be good candidates one program to me really stands out as a must have in your programs list.

Although TopSurfer has established itself as a premium traffic resource many people may only see the traffic exchange or autoexchange.  While these are part of the Topsurfer make up, there are three absolute gems I feel need you really need to know about.

For one thing, I am not an avid clicker although I can do the job very well, I would rather concentrate on finding and promoting excellent products, programs, and services online.   Topsurfer is one of those programs I feel very comfortable sharing with others who are looking for both traffic and a source of great income.

While it's not a recurring ten dollars each month, you will find yourself purchasing it month after month manually because the solo ads alone are worth the price.  So what are the three gems I referred too?

1. Wholesale membership is only $10.00 per month - non recurring.  Watch for special where you can purchase three months and get one free.

2. As a wholesale member you only need one sale to break even so there is no risk to you.  Instead this allows you to sell the wholesale membership to others which is easy to do because of all the traffic they get plus the opportunity to earn $10.00 payments over and over.

3. As a wholesale member you don't have to wait for commissions as you customers will pay you directly through your own online payment processor like Paypal, Payza, etc,.  Because they are paying you directly your payments are instant!

So to recap:  Affordable for anyone at only $10.00.  Make one sale and you break even meaning the second sale is 100% profit in your pocket, and finally you get paid directly and instantly.

Topsurfer is a Grow A Massive Downline RECOMMENDED addition to your own programs list! I am sure it will do a great job helping you to generate unlimited ten dollar payments, instantly, for selling great advertising through solo ads and newsletter classifieds to people who need the advertising.  And the cash. 🙂

If you haven't found the right income maker yet go watch the short 2 minute video which explains just how easy it is to give away free advertising.  It will also explain how with each new referral you get they will offer them the upgrade.  When they click Upgrade you get paid directly and instantly!  Topsurfer takes care of the rest so you don't have to which earns them the must have addition to anyones downline builder.

Click to become a Topsurfer Wholesale member and start getting paid while using effective advertising for your business today. Making money online doesn't have to difficult in fact it can be very easy when you offer the right product at the right price to those who want it.

The beauty here is that there are more and more people marketing things online and everyone of them can be your next customer for life!  There is nothing standing in your way when you invest your time into something so real it stands the test of time.

Stay tuned for more profitable downline building tactics, tips, and recommendations to help you make more money online.

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Grow A Massive Downline Weekly Webinars.

Each week I host a free webinar that covers affiliate marketing and downline building and so much more.  This week I have engaged the use of the Apsense Webinar announcement system which is awesome and let's the attendees to R.S.V.P. to let the host know how many will be attending the meeting.

Tonight the topic was going to be about the new service called Brand Page Pro for small and mid sized offline businesses who wish to build their brand and also secure it utilizing social media sites like Apsense, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Squidoo, and many other types of social sites.  All of this attracts people to your brand page and presents it to your clients in an attractive format making it easy for them the see your latest social announcements.

However, as things go, the first meeting did not happen due to a technical glitch with Adobe connect system and could not open the meeting room.  However, this is a temporary situation and look forward to next Thursdays meeting to go off without a hitch and the topic for today will be covered at that time.

To find out more about attending these free nuts and bolts webinars please start by joining Apsense first.  This will make it easier for you and I to connect so we can communicate effectively with each other anytime we are logged into Apsense.

Remember that Grow A Massive Downline is a builder that works to screen out freebie seekers and leave you with only proven buyers for your twenty-five best paying affiliate programs for the highest earning multi stream of income every month.

Stay tuned for more profitable downline building tips from Grow A Massive Downline.

You really can build passive cash flow.

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Let Us Screen Your Referrals And Locate Proven Active MembersIf you want to grow a massive downline in say 25 of your best paying MLM, Affiliate programs etc, there are many ways to accomplish it.  One way you can do it is to be sure to include the link to your programs page in every opportunity that presents itself.  Your signature file, your website or blog, do you own a membership site like a traffic exchange, safelist, text ad exchange, etc,  be sure you send the members an invite to join you.

Gorilla marketing is old school advertising however it is absolutely effective and the main message is to be sure your offer is seen everywhere!  Everywhere on the web covers a lot of space miles and there are nooks plus many corners that you may or may not be aware of.

Around some of those corners are sites like music downloads, or file download sites, in fact file sharing sites are great for your own short report on profitable downline building that explains how to grow a massive downline through using a PDF upload site.  With your link in the report you will get traffic without having to do the work over and over.  Of course you can create as many PDF reports as you wish and use the same process to upload the file to these sites.

When these types of sites appear on your radar, go check it out and see if you can place an ad!  Sometimes it may only offer paid advertising, check the pricing being sure to analyze the different pricing points to get the best bang for your dollar.

At times, it may require that you add a link back to the site in the form of a badge or banner, be sure to add it to your pages above the fold on the page.  Hiding it at the bottom doesn't really pay off in this case,  and you may not receive the amount of exposure you're looking for.  Tracking is absolutely recommended so you know for sure that you are receiving traffic from each report, banner or link when you place your ads.

Getting the word is vital of course because of how big the Internet is, this is something you will need to do daily.  Make you sure you don't let these ad spot opportunities slip away, instead capitalize on it and get yourself a lot more visitors to your chosen programs.  It does take work, but if you are working offline, you are already used to working so what's the big deal? 🙂  If you work at home all day on the web you have lots of time to place your ads everywhere so go do it!  The more you do, the more it works, and that goes for anything you promote.

Which programs you choose may not be in your control which means you could easily be promoting programs you would never join if given the choice, yet in order to use the features of the site it's going to happen with every hit you send to it.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to place 25 of your best paying programs so you can earn commissions from all of them?  Grow A Massive Downline is designed to locate proven buyers for your downlines and help you earn more money each month.  Recurring commissions can pay your bills on and off the web.  If one income source is producing $100.00 per month, with 25 doing the same thing, your earnings could easily be $2500.00 per month if you follow this tactic daily.

So the profitable downline building tactic #20 is to spread your link and banners around the Internet daily and actively seek out new places to place a new ad.   The more you do, the more the downline builder works for you saving you time and money without needing to promote all your programs individually.

Stay tuned for more Profitable Downline Building Tactics and tips!

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Grow A Massive Downline Profitable Downline Building Tactic #21.  Today we look at selecting a assortment of high paying low cost affiliate programs so you can grow a massive downline that is profitable.

It doesn't take a math major to understand that freebie seekers are usually not the referrals who will help you earn commissions as they do not wish to spend money.  Any business needs to generate transactions between the owner of the site and the affiliate marketer.

If you refer 1000 members to a low cost high paying program and none of them spend any money in the way of upgrades, or ad packs, your chances of earning a commission is nonexistent.   If money doesn't change hands no one will earn anything.  In fact the admin could easily go broke and close the site all together.

So how do you refer people who are proven buyers?  Join Grow A Massive Downline because this site offers a screening process designed to weed out the freebie seekers from the proven buyers you're looking for.  How it works is very simple.  Every referral you get has ten days to pay the one time payment of only $10.00 which makes it affordable for everyone. If they decide not to pay, after ten days their account is deleted and they are removed from the system leaving you with only the proven buyers you're looking for.

A lot of downline builders come pre-loaded with programs that you may not be a member of, or in fact have no desired to join and promote. The profitable downline building tactic is to strive to find one that have programs you would be proud to promote and this can be the real challenge.  A lot of builders have nothing but scams or even programs that are very expensive to most people, say in the $50 to $100 dollars per month range.

This can put a lot of potential referral off due to the cost and the fact the charges may be monthly recurring which can lead to heavy attrition leaving you with the task of always having to find new referrals to maintain your monthly income.

One way to think about your downline program choices is this.

If you have 25 programs that earn you $100.00 per month each, you have to potential to earn $2500.00 per month.  There is nothing like multiple income streams to really fill your bank account with a bunch of cash each month!

Stay tuned for more profitable downline building tactics!

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Profitable downline building tactic 22If you want to grow a massive downline so you can build passive cash flow try these 6 easy steps to profitable downline building, I call this tactic #22, the multiplier.

In this tactic I will explain how to use the multiplier which exists in almost every single traffic exchanges, safelist, text ad exchange, list builder, and a host of sites which is simply, the downline builder.

I must warn you, this tactic can take weeks, months, to complete, and it never ends as new programs come online all the time who also offer the builders in their systems.

The first step is to pick one downline builder where you can organize and use the one link to promote 25 multiplier sites.  I think that would be a great choice as their system screens out freebie seekers leaving you only the proven buyers in your downlines.

Once you have your main builder, you now find the links to the other downline builders you belong too, and add them as the programs in the first builder.  You will want to take the time to be sure each downline builder you add to the main downline builder system has all the program ID's filled out.

Repeat this step 25 times to completely fill the main downline building system, in this example,  Once this system is completely filled out with 25 of your best downline builders, you are ready to share it with others.

Others meaning, your list, your Facebook wall, your Twitter, other social sites, and your referrals of the programs you belong too.  With all the traffic arriving at your main downline builder system you have the opportunity to have signups and new referrals in potentially hundreds of programs.

The setup is time consuming and at each turn you will have to decide to take the upgrade or not, or one the time offers as you sign up for each one.  However, if you are upgraded in at least 60% of the programs you're a member of, your potential earnings are just NUTZ!

Take the time to execute this tactic and you will easily build passive cash flow as you grow a massive downline in your best paying offers.

Take these 6 easy steps to profitable downline building once you're all setup.

1. Pin an image at Pinterest and link back to your downline builder,

2. Share the image on your Facebook account and link it to your main downline builder.

3. Open your Twitter account and post a tweet about it and link to your main downline builder.

4. Open your LinkedIn account and post it on your wall linking it to your downline builder.

5. Repeat the process on any other social site you belong like Myspace and Salesspider.  The more you share the better results you get.

6. Send it to your list!  This is the most important step and is the most powerful as well.  Your list subscribed voluntarily I am sure they would want to learn about the multiplier tactic to increase their business too.

The indication that you've executed this tactic properly will be the increase in new referral notifications in your inbox possibly followed by commission notifications too.  The main thing to do once you have everything setup is make sure it gets exposure always.

You can add the link to your signature file as discussed in profitable downline building tactic #23, plus many more places to get exposure which I will be covering in the next few posts.

Be patient, work on it everyday until you get it completed,  believe me it's worth it, in fact I think you will be as shocked as I was when I first did it.  Took me a week to complete it all, but wow does it work!

Don't be lazy and don't give up!

Stay tuned for more profitable downline building tactics from your host Joe Sansoucie.

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Profitable Dwnline Building Tactic 23One of the most underused profitable downline building tactic today is the signature file.

In Gmail and many other Email services as well as most email client software running on computers, there is always a way to automatically add your signature file to each email you send, use in responding to messages sent to you.

Using the signature file to automate the process of promoting your business is a powerful method that once you set it up, you can forget about it while it continues to work reliably every day for you.

To harness this leverage, simply create a short text ad and the link to your programs page and save it in your signature file area of the setup area of your email program.  Save it and you are in business, it's that easy for anyone to take advantage of this tactic.

One example of this tactic is below so you can see how it may look when someone gets a message from you so you can craft one for your own business today.

Joe Sansoucie

Grow A Massive Downline In 25 Of Your Best Paying Programs Today!

In text only mode it would look like this to the recipient of your message.

Joe Sansoucie

Grow A Massive Downline In 25 Of
Your Best Paying Programs Today!

As you can see it is a professional use of your signature file to automate the promotion
of your primary business, or your programs page of your downline builder, even
special offers or sales!  It's the perfect place to showcase you business.

Stay tuned for more profitable downline building tactics from Build Passive Cash Flow.

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Join Grow A Massive DownlineBefore you begin to enter your programs into any downline builder take the time to first organize your information in notepad.

Doing so will speed up the work when you're adding the links and banners to your account which prevents the site from timing out on you.

This usually leads to starting all over again!

Be sure to save your work every couple of programs so for the same reason, starting over is a complete pain!  At least if you are organized, even if you have to start over the work will still proceed pretty easily.  Tedious?  Yes in some cases where there are more than 100 sites to join, and fill out.  However, there is a downline builder that is very unique in the fact that every referral you get is screened by the system to weed out the freebie seekers.

The fact is, the only way you will earn real income from multiple income streams is to attract and locate proven buyers!  People who are good marketers in their own right, and have the skills to get massive results from their advertising efforts are the most desirable referrals you can get.

Organize, and then let your list know!  You may be very surprised at how many sign ups you get from showing them one link with your best paying programs all in one place.  Below is a simple outline of how to organize your sites using Windows notepad.

The title.
The affiliate referral link with the special token, in some cases it looks like this.  {affiliateid}
Your banner image HTML code.  Only the banner image and it should be a 468x60 banner.
Your affiliate ID for the link.

Take action now and start using Tactic #26.

Stay tuned for more!

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Grow A Massive Downline to Build Passive Cash FlowBuilding your list first is the golden rule if you want to build passive cash flow.  Turning massive traffic into prospects or as I like to call them, my customers and clients, is the only way to ensure you have a real chance of becoming successful online.  One of my favorite ways to accomplish this is to use my autoresponder to automate the process.

Now most people seem to have an issue or phobia about using an autoresponder to build a big business online but let me tell you now, get over it fast!  You need one that's all there is too it and which one I recommend we will cover in another post.  Today I will explain the hows and why's of using this automation system.

As a list builder I have dozens of autoresponder campaigns for multiple projects, programs, and products I wish to promote to earn commissions and sales.  Like you I wish to make money online as my full time career!  This is not a hobby so it takes full time effort to accomplish sometimes even the smallest of steps to get ahead.

You need leverage!  You need an assistant!  This is your autoresponder service and it does many jobs on complete autopilot, yes I said that, but it's true provided you use it and here's how you do it.  Personally I use Trafficwave and there are many reasons why it's better than all of them, however one of the great advantages is the leverage you get out of their lead capture form code.  You can place this code on your website, web pages, blog pages, lead capture pages, Facebook sidebar, so many places yet many don't realize the leverage you gain by taking action in this way.


1. Login to your autoresponder account then select the letter campaign series you wish to use.

2. Click on the button that takes you to the capture form code page to collect your form code you will be using to build your list.

3. Customize the form by adding your subscriber landing URL and Confirmation Landing URL sections.

Now here is the leverage I am referring to, this is how you can promote any program while automatically showing your new lead what you have to offer them!  Now let's say for sake of argument that they leave the page without joining.  No worries, there is more happening in the background to help you get back in front of that person automatically.  Here's how it unfolds.

a. Your new potential prospect and lead was just sent an email from you requesting they confirm their email address before you send them any further information to prevent SPAM complaints.  Completing this step successfully triggers another step.

b. That step is once they confirm their email address, they are automatically shown your site a second time.  Now maybe they decide to join your program this time! Congratulations you've just used traffic to generate a real lead in real time, plus show them your site not once but twice automatically!  How great is that!

Now to finish up so you can get started list building your way to a profitable downline is to save the code and paste it into your web page, blog, make a capture page with it, the bottom line get it out there now! TAKE ACTION NOW!  Traffic is the next step to start the system generating real time leads for whatever you want to promote.

This works if you work it daily!

Stay tuned for more tactics in the series and thank you for reading profitable downline building tactic #24.

PostHeaderIcon Profitable Downline Building Tactic #25

Join Grow A Massive Downline Today

As an affiliate marketer you are sometimes faced with memberships to many sites that offer you a downline builder. In many cases these are free to join and all the programs are free to join as well. Some of these builders offer an upgrade which allows you to add a few of your own programs, but you find out that you are sharing space with your sponsor on the programs page.

To truly build a profitable downline we must use tactic #25, qualifying the prospect or new referral. There are very few downline systems that offer this type of qualification and all of them include the incentive that promoters will earn commission from each one. This can lead to people attempting to "game" the system by getting key people to join for the sole purpose of earning the commission only.

Grow A Massive Downline employs a non-commissioned method of qualifying prospects who wish to earn from twenty-five of their best paying affiliate programs, products, and services. At Grow A Massive Downline, you may join for free however your membership will expire in ten short days. This serves to dismiss those who would remain free in all your programs from the Grow A Massive Downline system.

Those who do pay the one time fee of only $10.00 are now qualified and proven buyers who have the opportunity to join in your 25 best paying programs increasing your income potential with each one who qualifies themselves.

The ten dollars is used to promote and maintain the sites hosting only. It is simply the qualifier that ensures you get qualified referrals! Get your lifetime account now for only $10.00.

Tip:  How To Choose Your Top 25 Programs To Profit From.

Simply put be sure that you are positioned to earn the maximum commissions each of the 25 programs you choose to promote.

You are encouraged to join under your sponsor at Grow A Massive Downline in one or several of their chosen top paying 25 programs however it is not required.  Keep in mind that you will want your referrals to join your top 25 earners as well so if a program fits your portfolio of resources, then by all means join and upgrade to earn the maximum commissions.

Stay tuned for more ways to build passive cash flow from profitable downline building tactics.

PostHeaderIcon Your Ad On 550,000+ Websites Monthly

To build passive cash flow you really need to have your offer exposed and getting your ad on 550,000+ websites monthly can really be an asset to any marketer of any level of experience.

The reason is that using a classified ad submission service staffed by experienced Internet marketers means you can get the traffic however you don't have to actually do any work! You can simply order it and the staff of classified ad marketers will take your offer and place it on those sites on your behalf. It's like having your own marketing team which works out well if you're only working the web on a part time basis! Of course for the more experienced marketer this is really a service you can use to your advantage and free up your time for the blogging you never get too lol.

Admittedly submitting classified ads is old school marketing which believe it or not still works very well. The general problem is that it can be very time consuming submitting ads every month. Far too much work for the average person just starting out on the web in their first income opportunity because they lack the needed skill sets to perform the job effectively. No problem when you simply use the service, it's a good business choice because you get the results without the knowledge, skills, hard work, and of course the years of trial and error figuring out how to do it correctly.

The problem has been have solved for you and I with this new classified ads submission service and it's very affordable considering the amount of labor involved in the process and management of the work. Considering your traffic will be coming from so many places, if your traffic and sales funnel are tuned up and ready for action, you may see a very good return on the ad run.

Your offer will be seen by the following types of sites which is a very good blend instead of getting it from just one site like a lot of advertising deals offer. Getting traffic just from one site does not offer you the advertiser the coverage needed for your offer to generate conversion. Marketing is a numbers game, let's take a look at these numbers.

550+ Classified ad sites
85 + Search Engines
250+ Web Directories
50+ Message boards and Forums
500,000+ Networked Sites
Manual Submission To Craigslist

That last item is the golden nugget of the whole package as using Craigslist can be finicky and fussy when it comes to your ad design, offer, and placement. It is an excellent source of traffic of course because you can target any city or state you wish, Craigslist gets millions of visitors a day!

Anytime you as a marketer can gain market share, market penetration, and market saturation, you will achieve
market domination. In other words: Massive Action Equals Massive Results. If you're not getting the traffic how can you build your list, get sign ups, and make sales? The truth? You can't. This is the one absolute item that stops most new marketers sometimes for years from earning any real money on the web no matter what they try to promote.

Always use traffic to build your list first before you do it for anyone else.

On that bombshell, I have decided that Instead of just sending you off to some website, I have a free download you may download free called, 12 Ways To Help You Get More Sales From Classified Ads. I read it and really loved the tips which not only can be used on classified sites, you can use it on safelist subject lines, solo headline, traffic links on your website or blog and much more.

If you're considering tackling the submissions yourself, I highly recommend you read this ebook first. It's in PDF format and will open your eyes to the tactics you will need to employ to get results from this type of traffic generation on the web.

Follow this link to grab your copy now and thanks for reading this post, I appreciate the fact you took a few minutes out to do it. Thank you!

Free Gift For Subscribers!

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